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Welcome to my blog! Let me tell you a little bit about myself, where I'm at in my creative business, how this left-handed girl I got started in the creative world of calligraphy & hand lettering.

Envelope Calligraphy for Boston Wedding

First and foremost, thanks for checking out my blog! I'm totally new to this, but starting in 2017 I'm planning on sharing behind the scenes of my work and process, tips and tricks, and a little more about the girl behind the letters!

A little background on who I am: My name is Alfonsina or Sina for short, I'm an island girl living in New Hampshire (not sure how I ended up here), am a lover of all things pretty, and have always been working towards being a creative professional. For as long as I can remember, I've had a love for design and beautiful aesthetics, which naturally drew me to a creative profession. I graduated with a Master in Architecture and currently work full time as an Architectural Designer while freelancing as a calligrapher. My studio is based out of Manchester, New Hampshire, but have easy access to clients in Southern Maine, Greater Boston and beyond.

My love for calligraphy and lettering started after taking a Modern Calligraphy workshop in Boston back in 2013 with Liz of Lettering by Liz. As the AMAZING mentor of modern calligraphy that she is, Liz planted the seed that has flourished to what AMR Calligraphy is today (and will grow to be!). Ever since then, I have been practicing to make my work into something people love and that I am proud of. I've been blessed to have worked with some pretty amazing brides from New Hampshire, Boston, and even a Colorado bride!

As fun as it’s been learning a new art, I do have to say being left-handed definitely does NOT make calligraphy easy. I will write more on this on another post but this whole journey has definitely been a trial and error. One day can feel as though I am finally running smoothly, and the next day I’ll have ink smeared across my whole forearm (lefties, you feel me).  a creative side business while working full time is quite the adventure but, as I grow and learn (the good and bad ways), I'm so thankful to be able to pursue two amazing creative passions.

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Thanks for checking me out!