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If you are someone who believes handmade details and thoughtful design add immeasurable value to any event or project, and would love a guiding hand with the creative process, I’m your girl! Whenever I take on any projects, these are my main goals:

| 1 |   Provide handmade touches and design that reflect your personality and tell your unique story in an authentic and beautiful way.

| 2 |   Take the creative loads off  your shoulders so you can enjoy the pretty stuff!

| 3 |   Approach every project wholeheartedly, with the utmost care & attention to detail

. . . BUT WHO AM I?  My name is Alfonsina (Sina for short), I'm a strong believer in pretty with a purpose and love the opportunity to create meaningful work. Oh, and I'm a leftie!

My love for calligraphy and lettering started in 2013 and ever since then, I have been practicing to make my work into something people love and that I am proud of. I embrace every style, from a classic script to modern lettering, and love working with clients to come up with a design and aesthetic that fits their personal style.

With a home-studio based out of Southern New Hampshire, I have easy access to clients in New Hampshire & Greater Boston, but also work with clients nationwide!

Does this sound right up your alley and want to work together or collaborate? Let's chat!