GUEST & SEATING CHART LISTS    Download my Wedding Guest List Template to set up your addresses for envelope calligraphy, place/escort cards and seating chart projects! This workbook is set up in Excel, but can be uploaded to Excel Online or Google Sheets if you do not have Excel.

INK    Standard ink color included is black, blue, red and green. If you are looking for a different color, I would be happy to provide it at no additional charge if I have it in stock. Custom-mixed colors incur a $25 fee.

MATERIALS    Clients must provide 15% extra items, with a minimum of 10 extra items (envelopes, place cards, sign paper). For specialty-coated papers, provide 20% extra items, with a minimum of 15 extra items.

DELIVERY    Clients are responsible for all shipping and delivery charges unless another arrangement was previously agreed upon. If you live within the Southern New Hampshire or Greater Boston area, I would be happy to arrange pick up/drop off times that work with both of our schedules at a mileage-based delivery charge.

PAYMENT    50% of the quoted amount is required as a retainer deposit to begin work. The remaining portion will be due at delivery when the services are completed to your standards and expectations.




+  What should I consider before ordering envelopes for calligraphy?

See which size envelope would be most appropriate for the type of guest list you have. If you have many long names and addresses, a small envelope may not be suitable. Some papers are not as ink friendly as others, if you are unsure, I'd be happy to test a sample. Extra charges may apply for dark papers, envelopes with a dark lining, or papers that are difficult to write on.

+  How far in advance should I book A La Carte services?

I typically require at least 3-4 weeks notice for projects. For envelope addressing, if you add production time to the goal of mailing your invitations eight weeks prior to your event, you should aim to contact me at least 12 weeks prior to your event.

High wedding season (April-June) books up very quickly so don't hesitate to reach out to me earlier, I accept bookings months in advance!

+  How much time do you need to finish my project?

Project timelines depend entirely on the specific project and my workload. For envelope addressing, an order of 100 envelopes will take about 2 weeks from the receipt of the final guest list. Other projects, such as signs and seating charts, require different time considerations, but I can provide a more specific timeline after you contact me with details of your event or project.

+  Can you do lettering for invitations, logos, or other custom projects?

Yes! Please contact me with as much detail as possible so that we can chat about the vision for your project.