This portal is a home base you can always use to reference where you are in the project and when due dates for milestones are. You will find your signed contract and invoice link below, and all proofing forms for review will be uploaded to this portal as well. We have also included resources, FAQ’s and the File Uploader for your convenience. Feel free to email me at anytime to hello@amrcalligraphy.com with any questions!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Whenever reviewing forms for submittal and approval, please be sure you are viewing from a desktop or large screen, not on a mobile device.


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  • Start Date: Month Xst, 201X (contract signed)
  • Target Completion Date: Month Xst, 201X
  • Target Mail Date: Month Xst, 201X


  • Your Invoice Link
  • Deposit Paid On: Month 1st, 201X
  • Final Invoice Due: Before Final Delivery



Click for a detailed outline of each part of our project


+ Part 1 --- Concept

Consultation, Proposal, Contract & Deposit
Good news, you've already completed this step! This first part of the project where we collect all of the initial information needed to begin your special project.

Wording Questionnaire | Week 1
You will be receiving a wording questionnaire that will outline all of the information I will need to design your invitation suite. This includes all names, ceremony and reception locations, start times, accomodations information and any additional details you would like included in your suite.

Concept Design Sketches | Week 2
Based on our initial consultation and communication of what you are looking for in your invitation suite, you will receive design sketches that will outline the direction I will be going in when creating your final artwork, illustrations and calligraphy. This will help us both get on the same page before continuing to the next step of creating all of the final design work. Once you have reviewed and approved the sketches and material selections, we can move to the next part of your project!

+ Part 2 --- Design

First Digital Design Proof | Week 4
This second part of our project's process is all about refining your design. The first design proof will be your first glimpse of what your invitation suite will look like in real life! Based on the concept sketches we worked out in the first stage, this proof will include refined artwork, illustrations, calligraphy and all the infomation you provided will be thoughtfully laid out throughout the design. If you are happy with everything this first proof, we can jump right to the final proof & print approval!

Additional Digital Design Proofs | Week 5-6
All project include up to three design revisions so if you would like some changes to the first proof, you have 2 additional revisions where we can continue to refine your invitation suite design to be exactly what you are envisioning. Once we conclude with the proofing process, we can continue onto the final proof & print approval.

Final Proof & Print Approval | Week 6
Your final proof will include each piece of your invitation suite for you to carefully review for any quantity, layout, informational or spelling errors. Once you sign off on the final proof, you authorize us to go ahead and start the production part of the process.

+ Part 3 --- Production

Invitation Suite Printing & Production | Week 7-12
Now that your final proof & print approval is submitted, your invitation suite will move into production! We will begin printing and gathering all additional materials needed to assemble your complete invitation suite. Once in production, no part of the design can be altered.

In this stage I will also be working on your envelope calligraphy. Please make sure to submit your guest list by the date listed in your timeline and if you need some assistance putting together your list, feel free to reach out! I have also put together a pre-formatted template guest list Excel file that is avaiable for you to download, just scroll down below to Resources & Client FAQs to download.

+ Part 4 --- Assembly

Invitation Suite Assembly | Week 13-14
Once your invitation suite has been printed, I will begin assembling each suite by hand. This complimentary part of the process is done to ensure every detail is executed flawlessly so when you receive the completed order, every piece meets (or exceeds) your expectations.

Invitation Suite Mailing (if applicable) | Week 15
If you chose to for me to mail out your invitations to your guests, I will then stuff, stamp and seal the assembled suites into your calligraphed envelopes and hand deliver to the post office.

** Please note: Any delay (more than a week) in communication or submission of pertinent information required to continue the process in any way will result in a delay of the overall timeline and delivery of completed order. Please ensure that all forms are submitted by the dates outlined in your timeline.




+ What can I revise/change during the design proofing process?

You can change anything you aren't happy with! In the beginning of our process when I send your sketches, I recommend you review with a critical eye and point out anything that you may want to change or move in a different direction so when we get into the design proofing stage, there are just minor tweaks. All custom design suites come with 3 design proofs as well.

+ Will I be receiving a physical proof of my completed invitation suite?

Proofs are limited to digital only. For this reason, it is extremely important that you view all forms and proofs on a large screen on a desktop computer and not a mobile device to ensure that you see as much detail as possible. Please understand that color appearance may vary from computer to computer depending on color, contrast, and brightness settings on each monitor, and surrounding lighting conditions, so electronic proofs closely represent image color but are not exact.

+ Why are postage costs not showing up on my invoice?

Postage costs are determined by the final weight of the complete assembled invitation suite, so that cannot be weighed until we are finished the production stage. If you have chosen mailing service as part of your package, I will assemble a complete suite to take to the post office for weighing purposes. They will then inform me how much postage each suite will need, which will be reflected on your final invoice.

+ How do I set up my guest list for envelope addressing & day-of items?

I've put together a guest list template you can download to help format your list correctly! Click here to download the Excel file template.

+ We want to add day-of details. When is the best time to let you know?

As soon as you know what you'd like, the sooner the better! Whether you want signage, menus, programs or any other detail, we can make the design tie seamlessly with the rest of your design. Once we nail down what you'd like, I can give you pricing and timeline information and we can add it to your order.

+ Where can I leave a review for your services?

If you want to share your experience of how it was working with me, there are a few places you can leave your review:

  1. Google
  2. Wedding Wire
  3. The Knot

As a growing small business, your feedback is important not only to share with others, but also to know how I can better serve future clients. Thank you so much for your time in sharing your thoughts, your reviews are so greatly appreciated!


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